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Shubhang Sharma

Emotion guiding to spectrum of light,
Splashing colors in dark night.
Knitting life with thread of hope,
Relation, bond and reality are life’s scope.

Life isn’t poured in sliver platter. We have to search the pieces, the meaning and built them to serve the purpose of life. Life is a colorful thread of imagination, thoughts and relations.
We all are born with that art to knit that thread. That’s what make who you are and who you will be.
Shubhang Sharma, a student of K.V. Tagore Garden, New Delhi, India, is a beginner to poetry field. Inspired by society and parents, he took to poetry. Intense and lighthearted music motivates him to write. His caring family has always stood by him. He has also been writing SAINO’s. His feelings are the core of his verse revealing deep emotions. He is also a co-author for different anthologies. Apart from poetry, his aesthetic pieces of art exhibit a genre of creativity.

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Shubhang Sharma

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