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�Bhakti Rasamrita� is a compilation of devotional songs written by Shri Laxmidhar Sahoo in odia language at a small place in Kandhamala District. All these poems have been spontaneously created by the poet with his extra ordinary talent, every morning, quite before Sunrise. The emotions and feeling are well captured and decorated with simple but appropriate words in rhythmic patterns of traditional odia songs. Not only that, the poet sings the created songs on his own and share in share-chart every morning as well. 
In he present days, when the life style and belief system, even in the rural places, is becoming more complex and critical with wide range of activities and responsibilities, reading and listening few befitted devotional songs, could be instrumental to reduce the stress creating new realm of happiness and peace. 
The intension and efforts of the Poet Shri Sahoo with devotional feeling and experiences would be successful if at all, any one or more poems of �Bhakti Rasamrit� is read and understood by the readers. 
May Lord Jagannath bless all of us to move towards spiritual intelligence and divine journey which is ultimate aim of every human being while empowering the poet Shri Laxmidhar Sahoo to research, write and share more and more in such compilation in future. 
Thank You.

Bhakti Rasamruta

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