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It's very difficult nowadays to believe in eternal love which means love forever in times like these people prefer hookups and timepass relationships and if you also think the same so you got a perfect book to change your thinking ..Arushi and Kartik two teenagers fall in love with each other during there school time told each other to be their first love but never believed that they could be tougher for whole life problems departed their way and made them seperated a fight between career and love, won by a career asusual . Arushi grew up and moved on focusing on her career she meet with Aditya who was career oriented and a successful doctor but was born in typical stereotype political family faced major difficulties to earn his individual respect this trio played a different and important role in explaining love, friendship , ambitions and diginity towards society .. this also brings up issues like corruption and bisexuality but still love concurs all .. Where there is love nothing stays ...Read this to know story of love which will definitely win your hearts ....

Eternal Love

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