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" GIFT TO YOUR HEART is a bond which portrays the love and affection on loved one This book is all about emotions which connects you to your precious one in everyone's life The person who can understands you and walk with you forever One who can motivates,cares, appreciates, criticise and be with us all the way to make your path in a right way Beautiful people are not heart connected people but who are whole-hearted only they get place in someone's heart self Make sure to love someone with golden heart to own a generous heart ? Love connects everyone .. Don't run back of it with your foolishness but run back of with all your emotions It tells about the barrier between your heart feelings to someone's heartbeat Here ,The collection of various emotions penned by different fabulous writers from all over India epitomize learning in their life.. Touch the heart to hear the truth GIFT TO YOUR HEART is the best moment you invite someone to change your life with all flavours in the universe forever. -�Bollarapu�Mercy

Gift to your heart

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