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Success is a journey of failures, sacrifices, smart, and also hard efforts, perseverance, confidence, consistency in efforts. All the success stories where the protagonist rises from the ashes to conquer all odds seem fascinating but are never easy to emulate and aspirants would know it better than anyone else. They sweat out in the solitude so that their success can shine throughout the surroundings. However, against all these troubles, if there is one beacon of hope for the aspirants, it is this� many people have done this before. They have failed innumerable times only to get back on their feet and reach their goal. Failures are an inevitable reality; a stride towards success. They make you stronger and better equipped to face the upcoming challenges.
The significant thing to remember after each failure is- it is a part of the life and a constant process to improvement. They say, when one door closes, another opens. So, if you see from the right perspective, you can see the positive even in the toughest of scenarios. This anthology is compiled by Rubleena Behera along with 20 coauthors. We hope, you enjoy reading this anthology! 
-Rubleena Behera


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