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Love of my life - Magic of purity
Here is a amazing collection of 51 enthusiastic writers. Every part of this book makes us to realise the magic of love and the purity of emotions blend together to give fulfillness.Some are fruitful some are heartbreak but the love is the favour of the life.
Every love makes you to feel something special and unique even if that breaks your heart or heals your heart.
This is the book inspired by many people who are craving for love who are wishing to have a beautiful love for them not as a partner but as a family.
Here, The collection of various emotions penned by different amazing writers from all over India epitomize learning in their life.. 
LOVE OF MY LIFE- MAGIC OF PURITY is the best moment you invite someone to change your life with all flavours in the universe forever. - Bollarapu Mercy

Love of my life magic of purity

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