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�Love Vs Lust� is compiled by Rubleena Behera and Mayank Samantray, which is one of the achieving anthology books ever drafted, it objectifies on the vision of different opinions, classifications and perspectives from different people about both Love and Lust with little spicy comparisons. 
It defines the purity of bonds either with love or lust, depending on variable times like luck and karma of that individual. Believe in Karma, Let your Fate tell you about your upcoming Tale.
This socialized book describes the maturity and majority of coauthor�s lifestyle either by creating sufficient sense of pure humor or taking a thought of needy break in life like KitKat-Break Banta Hai!
Drop a hearty mention of our content to your stories tagging in Instagram @wordsgenix_publication, what�s your apparent review about that topic or coauthor draft which might justify the same situation occurred with you or you want to clarify your feelings to your partner.
Someone spoken so accurate proverb � �Where there is will, there is a way.� This proverb defines the need of internal feelings which if an individual is willing to create bonds with emotions, here�s what they can prefer better results which is drafted by our coauthors. No matter who wins, Love and Lust will always become the wildcard entry of every Love story.

Love Vs lust

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