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Memorabilicious-Delightful Memorable Memories, no one can define such memories but the unforgettable beautiful journey of life had been wrote by collectively 50 co-authors everyone truely find it close to their hearts. As book theme is love mostly we relate it to the relationship between couples but love is beyond this bondless can't be prisoned .love means Respect, care,understanding towards your close ones like bond between parents and their kids for some people their profession is their love because they are hardworking believes in work of actions which keeps this whole universe alive . For whole world god Sri krishna incarnation of lord vishnu and sriradha Rani incarnation of goddess laxmi Sign of love even one more their incarnation sriram-siya and lord Mahadev and goddess parvati is sign of loving family bonding .
Everyone achieve their love of life ,spread love and feel it ?


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