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You might be erudite at your end nevertheless you're always oblivion of the things around. You make plans, set goals and embellish to-do lists. While you might be successful in attaining certain elements but you'll always find yourself whirling around an aroma of uncertainty and unpredictability.
This book is a series of poems and prose in which 60 writers have participated. Each co-author has expressed idiosyncratic content which can make the reader still to absorb what is being portrayed. As the co-authors belong to different countries, the reader can find this book in different languages. Furthermore, the reader can find the content in different themes while more or less whirling through the word "Oblivion" which makes this piece intact and perfect.
"I do believe in uncertain nd unforeseen things. Planning the things, the way we want has been trivial nd bare minimum. We plan on our own; pre-frame about a person, place or a thing in our mind and keep on fabricating thoughts about them, designing a way to expectations which in turn make a constant home in our heart. And when planning goes the other way, we fall apart and our inborn expectations make our life hard. Leaving the things in their place and accepting them as they want to be is what we're left with."


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