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�The Love Hypothesis� is compiled by Rubleena Behera and
Mayank Samantray, which is among most of the enthusiastic
anthology books ever outlined. It visualizes the current morale
love tales which is indeed a twist of the abomination. It
symbolizes the real nomination from a strange cross to an
unstoppable, passionate and realistic love story. Objectives of
this anthology is genuinely clear, because �The Love
Hypothesis� is made on the basis of limited evidences and facts
as a starting point for further investigation of Love itself, where
facts end, research starts.
One of the best proverbs in our history mentioned, �There is no
difference between a wise man and a fool when they fall in
love.� As it says, no matter how much we are fond of being
ourselves, in the end, when we are being fond of someone�s
presence who brings out our personality like a Five Years Old
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The Love Hypothesis

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