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Christy a charming girl with vision and successful career is living all her life for her mother. Since her childhood, they both have seen many problems and complications. But, they stood strong and backed each other. Their life was getting settled after so much complications. Leaving the toxic relations back, the both started a new life. Christy had two boxes which never dared to open after they were sealed. During this change, Christy was struggling at personal level too. She left her childhood love or may also considered as her secret support system. She never forgot him and always repeated his words of belief in her. She was becoming all stable until the army officer joined in her company. Everything was going to change from that very moment. A gush of emotions and confusion was stormed around her. She was standing strong against the storm. But, there came a point where she was driven hard by that storm. She opened the second box and let her heart go out. Her confusion between her old and lost love was growing which ended to be something very unexpected. The ending left Christy broke and her mother too was hurt. But, gradually things got better with Christy�s love.

The Perfect Companionship

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