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This is an Anthology book compiled by Peerzada Salim Rafiq Qurashi from Kashmir, a place popularly known as Paradise on Earth, He chose this title for his book because he believes that "there are words in the heart of every person which are unuttered or unspoken or unheard. He also says that some people are shy due to which they are unable to speak up or share their thoughts, their talent with others. So, he wanted to dig their talent out by providing them with the opportunity to jot down those words, thoughts in this book to let people explore"
This book contains the write-up of almost 30 writers who pen down their inner potential, thoughts, emotions in the form of Short Stories, Poetry, Articles, and Research Papers. Hope this contribution and drudgery of the Compiler and all the writers get a great success.
Peerzada Salim Rafiq Qurashi

The Unuttered Words

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