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August 28, 1963, A Black Man rose to the platform of Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC hours after his house was bombed by Riots. His opening words, "I have a Dream".
These words by Martin Luther King Jr, were able to mobilise the masses, and its amber was able to embark a revolution against apartheid and racism. The speech, still engraved in the textbooks- a reminder, that a person standalone can make a difference.
This book is dedicated to the people, of this spirit. The people, who believe that despite the odds, they are unpliably relentless in their pursuits. Despite the treacherous hindrances that lay ahead, have firm faith in themselves of finding the way. Standing against the wrong and injustice, even if they are last one surviving. 
Who're a follower of doing, The Just and Right.
The book is compiled by Simarpreet Kaur & Harkirat Singh.

Your Voice Can Make A change

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